SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test

Providing an aid in early diagnosis of individuals who are suspected of COVID-19 by their healthcare provider and who are asymptomatic.

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COVID-19 and Respiratory Disease
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Promotor® 960 Real-Time PCR System


Features & Benefits

Broad dynamic range: 1~1010 copies/mL

• Perform up to 4-target multiple analysis

Long-life LED and sensitive PMT for high-performance results

No need for ROX reference dye

No crosstalk between well to well due to special optical system design

Top signal detection technology to eliminate the influence of floccule or residual magnetic beads in the reaction

Large color touchscreen and easy-to-use software

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Thermal  Cycling System

Peltier-based,  96-well block

Max Block Ramp Rate

5 oC /s

Max Block Cooling Rate

4  oC /s

Temperature Range

4-100 oC

Temperature Accuracy

±0.1  oC

Temperature Uniformity  (at 55 oC )

±0.1 oC


4 channels

Compatible Dyes

Channel 1: FAM, SYBR  Green; Channel 2: VIC, HEX, JOE, TET ;

Channel 3: ROX,  Texas Red; Channel 4: CY5

Additional Dye  Available

Additional dyes  within the wavelength range compatible with the filters are supported

Multiplex analysis

Up to 4 targets per  well

Compatible Tubes

Standard optical 0.2 mL 96-well plates (Semi-skirted, Non-skirted)

8-strip 0.2 mL tubes

0.2 mL optical tubes

Supported Volumes

20-100 μL

Optical System

Long life LED and  PMT

Dynamic Range



Detection of 1 copy  of template in a 50 μL reaction


Comparative Ct,  Standard Curve, Relative Standard

Curve, Allelic  Discrimination

Dimensions (w x d x  h)

340 mm (13.4 in) x  557 mm (21.9 in) x 537 mm (21.2 in)


32 kg (70.6 lb)


Ordering information

Cat. No.




960  Real-Time PCR System

1  Unit/Kit

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